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Betway Casino Promotes Fair Gambling

A fair online casino is not only renowned for its wide variety of games, but also for its dedication to responsible gaming. Fair casinos carry out a number of different procedures to ensure that the software is completely safe and secure for Canadian online casino players. For instance, the casino uses SSL (secure socket layer) encryption technology to authenticate the site and ensure that no outside party is able to access any of its sensitive data. This SSL technology is similar to what major banks use in their computer systems to protect customers' account information.

Fair online casinos also guarantee all of its customers that it will never sell or distribute any personal information to outside parties. This upholds the casino's reputation as an establishment dedicated to responsible gambling because it keeps its focus on the customer's well-being and the business at hand, rather than trying to turn a profit by illegally selling anyone's personal data to advertisers.

One particular Canadian online casino that stands out for fairness is Casino Betway. Betway's goal is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, and the web casino managers are aware that span email from affiliated companies is not the way to achieve this. Betway also promotes fair online gambling amongst its players by making use of a random number generator (RNG). The RNG guarantees that all of the results of dealt cards, roulette wheel spins, slots reels, etc. will be completely random, and therefore resistant to cheating. In other words, this technology ensures that luck-based games truly remain as such, and that no one will be able to beat the system. Any reputable casino will use this technology to ensure that none of its software can be hacked or manipulated by outside parties. Finally, to promote fair online gambling, Betway allows all customers to view their entire gambling and financial transaction history on a personal casino account. This demonstrates that the casino is dedicated to transparency, and will not attempt to scam any of its customers out of the winnings they are entitled to. The casino also boasts a helpful customer service center, which all casino members can contact in the event that there are any issues with deposits, withdrawals, or game downloads.