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Betway Casino Offering a Free $30 Bonus

26 Jan. 2017

No other casino understands better than Betway that streaming is an essential part of eSports entertainment, and for this reason, Betway caters expressly for diehard fans expecting to be educated and entertained by top streamers. Betway not only brings fans it's Top 5 eSports streamers who were selected as the most talented but also welcomes new players with a fantastic free bonus.

Activation & Usage of Free Bet Worth $30

The bonus beats any Betway no deposit bonus offers when it comes to benefits since the sports welcome offer provides a 100% free match based on the new player's initial deposit. The offer is available to players from Canada, Finland and United Kingdom plus several other countries and requires a minimum deposit of $10.

Only one sports sign up offer is permitted per new player and the maximum awarded amount awarded is $30.To activate the free bet new players need to place bets totalling the value of the initial deposit. The free bet offer is exclusive to new players who registers a sports account and cannot be offered by Betway Vegas, Bingo, Casino or Poker.

Betway Casino's Top 5 eSport Streamers

Betway's five top eSport streamers include Michael Imaqtpie Santana, Jaryd summit1g Lazar, Hendrik AdmiralBulldog AhnBerg and Brandon Seagull Larned. A rundown of these die-hard sport fans is below, and a good resource for all information about Betway Casino and what it has to offer. Whether in the market for sports or simply looking for some action playing the many casino games, is the place to be - visit today!

Imaqtpie has over a million followers and started playing League of Legends professionally when he replaced Oxiclean he joined Rock Solid. Rock Solid won the National ESL Premier League, and Dignitas picked Imagtpie, originally he would be the AD carry until October 2014. Imaqtpie offers unique views on the LoL community; he also has a huge social media presence across Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.

Rumay "Hafu" Wang succeeds extremely well in an industry dominated mostly by male players, which makes it harmless to say that the success of her channel stands just as well by itself, with over 400,000 Twitch followers. Hafu was originally and best known as a World of Warcraft player as part of the Fnatic team, which got her an invitation to tournaments such as the Hearthstone beta, which gave Hafu an opportunity to become a member of Cloud 9. The main focus of her streams is Arena play and is often cooperated with other streamers for co-op runs, and she often uses her skills to reach the first place at Lord of the Arena 4.

AdmiralBulldog is the one to keep an eye on for anyone in need of an educational streamer. The professional Dota 2, Swedish player's careers started in 2012, and he is now playing with Alliance, who was the winner in 2013 of The International. Originally he was originally brought by Dendi to the competitive scene is known by many fans for Lone Druid plays.

Seagull is a USA, avid streamer as well as professional Overwatch player and one of the members of Mixup, recently signed by NRG eSports. At the start of his career, he was often used in multiplayer versions of Half-Life2 and Seagull won the 3rd season of the Cyberathlete Amateur League played against LukeGT421.

Currently, he has well over 300,000 followers, and every time he streams over 30,000 viewers are watching online. Seagull's streams comprise of both educational and fun values and are perfect for player's eager to brush up on their Overwatch skills. Inspirational Genji is best known for Team Fortress 2 and his Roaming Soldier and is seen as a force to be reckoned with.