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There are all different kinds of poker players out there. Some like a calm, relaxing version that allows them to sit back and chat with the others at the table as they make their decisions. However, others understand that the only real way to make a living is to play the game like a full-time job. After all, increased productivity leads to more revenue, and more hands per hour can certainly be called productive. That's exactly what Blaze Poker is all about - it's a series of tables at which the speed associated with individual turns is incredibly fast. This means that individual players must always be on their toes!

There are a number of different features and benefits associated with Blaze Poker, but it quickly becomes clear that this is not the best option for everyone. First of all, all of the participants will be seated randomly, and no one has the choice of where they'd like to sit as is the case in some other venues. The people who are assigned the blinds are those who have gone the longest without having to post them. Next, the Quick Fold feature allows participants to fold their hands whether or not it is their turn and then be seated at another table instantly. Finally, individuals are able to be seated at multiple tables within the same pool; the unique software prevents the same person from being seated twice at the same table.

If you are located in Canada and you're interested in trying it out, then head on over to Betway Casino where there are always contenders waiting for you to join their tables. They have a poker room that is completely separate from their casino, and while this is great news for anyone who prefers this title over other classics, there is another added benefit: many of the people who are seated at these tables have carried over from the classic casino just to try a few hands with their bankrolls. Fortunately for you, many of these people are fish from whom you can bank quite a bit of cash - and fast, thanks to this unique title!