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Understanding the Clearplay Bonus Structure

Bonuses are a great way to entice players to make wagers at an online casino, but many of these rewards sound better than they actually are once you start reviewing the terms and restrictions. Clearplay bonuses can be quite profitable as long as you understand the best way to use them. These are developed by industry leader, Microgaming Software, and are also referred to as E-Z bonuses. Most websites that use this system create their own wagering and play-through requirements, and often have certain restrictions in place for withdrawals.

New players often prefer small, low risk bets, even when they're playing with free money. Gambling establishment owners count on this because the expected return value is much less for a series of small bets than it is for a single large wager. While it's entirely possible, and likely, to gain some sort of profit when you bet small, you can increase your retention rate by as much as 60% if you raise your average wager. The house edge of the game you play will influence your potential payout amounts as well. Blackjack, for instance, typically offers the most favorable edge in the house. When you use your Clearplay bonus at the blackjack table and make a couple large bets, you'll gain almost 80% of your reward, on average, while smaller, more frequent bets could lower your gain to just half the total credit.

It's important to pay attention to the terms of the offer, such as the Clearplay bonuses at Betway Casino. There are many players who never meet the play-through requirements needed to cash out because they don't understand how to use the game restrictions to their advantage. Games with the highest house edge typically carry the most weight, such as slots, while those that have better odds for the player will require many more rounds to complete the wagering requirements. Before you play through your Clearplay bonuses at Betway Casino, take the time to review the restrictions and requirements. Remember that large bets on games with a low casino advantage usually have the greatest expected gain, but these games often carry less weight in fulfilling the play-through requirements. Grab a clear play bonus if you decide to play at - they operate on a different software from betway.