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The Crazy Realm Of Sports Proposition Bets

Sports proposition bets, sometimes referred to simply as props, generally encompass a wide range of stakes that are outside of the traditional. Rather than focusing on which team will win or lose or what the point spread will be, these are often player-specific and can include wagers on just about anything you could possibly imagine. In Canada, the most common events upon which they are placed include American football and Hockey. While it's possible to wager on things like which person will be the next to score a goal, it is also possible to place a stake on some pretty incredible - and sometimes downright wacky - potential outcomes.

To put sports proposition bets into perspective, consider the following example: Let's say that your favorite NFL team is going to the Super Bowl and you've already placed a wager on that team winning the event. Perhaps you've even predicted that your pick will beat the underdog by two touchdowns. You don't have to stop there, though. You could go on to predict that your favorite running back is going to carry two touchdowns. You might also predict that he'll run for at least 200 yards during the game. Of course, it might sound simple enough, but if your chosen player ends up injured in the first few minutes of the game, you've already all but lost your stake.

There's no denying that props can be a lot of fun. They're a great way not only for you to make some extra profit, but they're also fun between friends to add a bit more competition to the mix. If you're interested in checking out some of the options that are available to you for just about any event, then you can visit Betway Casino where you'll find literally hundreds of different options in dozens of different events. If you're new, they'll be more than happy to hook you up with a bonus to help you get started, but even the existing punters are given outstanding promotional offers on a regular basis just to keep them coming back. You certainly can't go wrong here, so check them out today!

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