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Baccarat betting can be done the smart way without any strategy. Here's how

28 Aug 2016

Invented from the games punto banco and chemin de fer, which are both of European origin, many players still find the origins of baccarat a mystery even if it can be found in most US casinos. In this article, the secrets of baccarat betting will be unveiled and you can even know how to play efficiently.


Baccarat is a French word for the Italian term baccara or zero, indicating the point values of the face cards. It was found to originate from Italy in 1940 when the Italians took the game baccara to France. In 1959, baccarat betting was first introduced in Las Vegas. At that time, both of the games were already popular in illicit gambling houses in the East. It can be safely concluded that baccarat betting in the US is a direct descendant of chemin de fer since both are played similarly. A major difference between the two is that the players bet between themselves instead of playing against the house and the house just takes a commission from the player taking the bank.

Baccarat Betting Today

Of all the casino games, it is this game that gives players a bigger chance to get an even break since the house edge is just at 1.17% for a wager on the banker and 1.36% for a wager on the player. There is no strategy to master here. The typical player of this game has more advantage over average video poker and blackjack players. Despite these advantages, the game is only known to a small number of the betting population. For several decades, it was played discreetly in luxurious pits for the entertainment of high rollers. The smallest minimum wager in the pit was usually $20. In establishments where high rollers are catered, this game has long been the preferred match of choice by the "sharks." The complete version is hosted in an exclusive area for 14 players, with three dealers running the game. During the 1980s, casinos started accommodating the average players through a mini game version. It is played on a faster pace and all the cards are dealt by the dealer, yet the same rules are applied.

How To Play

The game mechanics isn't all that complicated. However, there are certain features that players have to be familiar with, such as the player's and banker's hand. No matter how many gamers are involved, only two hands will be dealt: the player hand and banker hand. Players can bet between these two, except for the customer who has the shoe in the full version of the game. Initially, each hand will be dealt with two cards. The total points will determine if either of the hand will be given another card. For the player's hand, if he gets an 8 or 9 in total, it is a "natural" and he won't receive a third card since he automatically becomes the winner. If the total is from 0 to 5, a third card will be drawn except when the banker is in possession of a natural. The rules for the banker hand are a little more complicated. It also stands between 7 and 9 and draws between 0 and 2 but aside from that, the play will depend on the worth of the third card of the player. Bettors can also gamble on the possibility that the two hands will end up with the same total of points.

This is purely a guessing game, so it relies on luck. Money management is essential so as not to run short. Consequently, players are advised to have betting limits and never to increase wagers when they are losing.